Saturday, March 6, 2010

Right Here, Right Now

Jason Lackey

"Anyone working in the mobile and wireless industry is fortunate." - Dr. J. Gerry Purdy

Way back in 1990, inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the British pop band Jesus Jones released the single "Right here, right now" (snippet here), a tune which captured well the zeitgeist in Europe with the end of the cold war, a magical time. I will never forget sharing cigarettes with some of the East German guards through holes in the wall as a college student on vacation and how blessed and fortunate many of us felt to be sharing smokes instead of burning on an atomic funeral pyre, which for a while had seemed a likely outcome.

Fast forward through 9/11, a recession, a housing bubble, global financial crisis and the whole bright shining future as seen in Wired Magazine of the mid 90's seems for many a dim and tarnished dream and reality is starting to look more like some sort of cyberpunk dystopia.

Except not everywhere.

As an example, Friday was bonus day at InnoPath. Sure, everyone is working hard and sure we are doing more with less but this does not diminish the fact that while so many are still getting pink slips and San Francisco is dolling out 15,000 pay cuts, it was bonus day at InnoPath and a year of blood, sweat and tears was recognized in a very real way at one company in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Gerry Purdy pretty much summed it up with his quote - we are fortunate to be in wireless, particularly right now. While construction, commercial real estate and the automobile industry suffer a holocaust of near biblical proportions, we are dealing with customers who are growing faster than they thought and who are scrambling to build enough capacity. While some are shuttering factories, we are going to be hiring another 30-40 people over the next year or so. Speaking of which, if you or anyone you know are interested in working in the wireless industry, please visit our jobs page, here. Maybe your dream job is there, but even if you don't see an immediate match, if you know people with experience in the industry encourage them to send in their resumes.

Time to go play with phones now...will it be the Nexus One or Tilt2? Hmmm....maybe both!

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