Monday, March 22, 2010

InnoPath: Keeping That Which Happens in Vegas Safely on Your Smartphone and Off the Internet

Jason Lackey

Smartphones are both a blessing and a bit of a curse. We have talked about ARPU and support related issues around smartphones in the past, but the increased capabilities of these devices also have other implications, some potentially large indeed.

With vast storage and the ability to open files like Word, PPT, Excel and the like as well as photos, videos and movies, there is no doubt that a smartphone is much more like a pocket computer than a phone. There is also no doubt that the loss of a corporate roadmap, compensation information or compromising images and the like would be a much more serious blow than the exposure of phone numbers, which is pretty much the only thing you would lose on an older voice-only terminal.

When the service provider can lock and wipe a lost or stolen device remotely, over-the-air, this potential exposure is limited and in some cases eliminated, helping keep that which happened in Vegas safely in Vegas, or at least on the phone.

See you at CTIA. We will be at Booth 3749. In the meantime, check out our press release here:

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