Wednesday, March 17, 2010

InnoPath Named CTIA Emerging Technology Award Finalist

Jason Lackey

Well, delivering the green is no longer the exclusive domain of leprechauns and the like. While some of the advantages to FOTA and other OTA update technology are fairly obvious, things like preventing recalls, heading off support calls and in-store brick and mortar visits, enhancing subscriber satisfaction, squashing bugs and so on and so forth, some of the advantages are not always immediately obvious.

One of those is the environmental impact, or lack thereof, of doing updates remotely, over-the-air.

Let me explain.

When you need to ship or hand carry a device somewhere to get it reflashed, this is going to take some non-zero amount of fuel to fire up the family truckster or whatever and get the phone to the store. When using technology like InnoPath's Mobile Update, the phone stays next to your bed and gets updated in place and the family truckster stays in the garage and the co2 stays out of the atmosphere and the oil stays in the ground and generally everything is incrementally better, cleaner and greener.

May not seem like much, but by our calculations we saved 33m kg of co2 emissions in 2009 with the numbers for 2010 looking to be considerably larger.

Evidently the folks at CTIA agree with us that this is kind of cool stuff, we are CTIA Emerging Technology Finalists because of these energy savings, something that we announced in a press release today, "InnoPath Software Named CTIA E-Tech Award Finalist".

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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