Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strength Through Joy: Lower Churn Via Happier CSRs

Anna Yong

CIO Today recently reported “contact center staff turnover appears to be higher than one would expect in today's environment.” One of the reasons for higher turnover was attributed to “lack of staff empowerment and flexibility." Most agents want to help those they are communicating with-doing so gives them tremendous satisfaction-but they get frustrated when they are tied down by bureaucratic red tape and procedures”. (

In fact, I would surmise that it’s not only the internal red tape and procedures that frustrates agents; it’s also the tools they have to use, and the hit they take on their metrics when they can't fix a problem or when inefficient tools slow down the process. If front line CSRs were empowered with the right tools, both customer and employee churn would decrease, improving your bottom line.

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