Monday, June 22, 2009

Pixar - Epic Customer Service Win

Jason Lackey

Once in a great while, you run into stories of customer care where the bar gets reset. The Nordstrom's "Old Widow and The Tires" story is a prime example. Movie giant Pixar, in an industry more known for abuse of customers via agents such as the RIAA, has provided another.

10 year old Colby Curtin was dying from a rare form of cancer. In situations like this the patient sometimes looks forward to small things, which can actually mean a great deal. In this case, Colby, having seen a preview for the Pixar movie, Up, wanted desperately to see the movie.

Her condition deteriorated, although she made it to opening night she was in no condition to make it to a theater. Relatives contacted Disney and Pixar asking for their help. Usually stuff like this ends up in the bit bucket, but this time was different. People at Pixar cared.

The found someone in the office, loaded him up with a DVD, some Up character stuffed animals and other movie related stuff, put him on a plane and sent him to go meet Colby.

Young Colby, in great pain, was asked if she could hang on. She replied that she was ready to die but that she would wait for the movie. Unable to open her eyes due to the pain, Colby's mother explained the movie as they watched it together. Shortly after the movie, Colby died.

Although there was no financial or business incentive for Pixar to do this, indeed, the company has not commented on the case, this clearly meant a great deal to Colby and I suppose that for many the name Pixar now means a bit more to them.

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