Thursday, December 17, 2009

Delivering a Green Christmas with FOTA

Jason Lackey

In business we often view green more in the context of money than the environment, regardless of whatever lipservice some might pay to this cause or the other. Fortunately technology sometimes provides an out. One classic example that many have already forgotten would be automobile emissions. Yeah, it is a PITA to get your car smogged, but with far fewer people the air in places like LA and Tokyo was far more toxic and opaque in the 60's than it is today.

Some solutions, like smogging cars, are pretty obvious as they directly address problems. Others are less so because they are less direct.

FOTA is one of them.

FOTA - Firmware Over The Air, a way of updating the operating system of a mobile phone remotely, is a technology which, while well established in Japan (by a little software company called InnoPath), has justed started to be widely used in the US.

This year, so far, 3.5 Million devices have been updated, saving a total of 33 Million Kg of CO2 emissions.

You can check out the InnoPath Press release on it, here.

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