Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30 Million to go Silent in India

Jason Lackey

Well, today is the day. Finally, after numerous slipped deadlines and delays, India has finally dropped the ban hammer on GSM phones with bogus IMEIs.
For background, check out our story here.

Much of the impetus behind this effort stems from the Mumbai terror attacks where terrorists armed with assault rifles and mobile phones with bogus and thus untraceable IMEIs went on a three day killing spree, spreading terror and mahem across the Indian metropolis.

Unlike prior efforts, the Department of Telecoms is not backing down, despite the best efforts of the Cellular Operators Association of India (COIA), who would prefer to take no action rather than banning paying customers.

For subscribers in India with bogus IMEIs, there is a way out. A trip to one of 1600 COIA and COIA run Genuine IMEI Implant (GII) centers, with ID and 199 Rupees and you should be set with a banproof IMEI and a paper receipt to prove it.

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