Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PEZ Boards the Customer Service Fail Truck

Jason Lackey

In customer care there are various degrees of success or failure. In the case of wireless providers, some will go the extra mile and after tackling some sort of technical issue the CSR may take a look at billing plans vs usage and suggest a better plan for the customer if such exists. Stuff like this tends to surprise and delight people.

On the other end of the spectrum we find things like the RIAA and their brutal assault on fans and customers, somewhat akin to being stabbed by Winnie the Pooh or pickpocketed by Dora the Explorer.

You may be familiar with Pez candy, the otherwise forgettable candies that came in interesting flip top plastic dispensers. A couple in the San Francisco area run a Pez museum, with over 600 rare Pez dispensers on display including a giant Pez that dispenses Pez dispensers.

In a stroke of Customer Service Fail, Pez Candy, Inc., instead of praising them or loaning them some unusual items or in some way partnering with them to further promote their goods, is suing them.

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