Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flushing Profits: The On Hold Drain

Anna Yong

On NPR today, they covered a survey by Jacada, an Atlanta-based customer service software company found that people tend to multi-task while on hold. In a survey of 1000 people their results were:

What People Did While On Hold
  • 36% went to the bathroom
  • 26% made a meal
  • 25% watched a full TV show episode
  • 17% completely cleaned a room
  • 16% played two or more games of solitaire
  • 14% read an entire magazine or newspaper
But really, is being on hold even necessary? Even if customers can find something else to do, being hold actually decreases loyalty and satisfaction. “Switching levels are 83 percent higher among customers who are put on hold, compared with those who are not." J.D. Power and Associates, Aug 2008

So as refreshing as a potty break might be, do you really want to risk the higher churn rate cited by J.D. Power, or might it be better to arm your CSRs with the tools they need to effectively help customers, fix phones and let your subscribers get on with their day?

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