Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a problem to have....

Jason Lackey

While things are dark and gloomy in some places and some are even talking about a double dip recession, we have other problems here at InnoPath.

Phones and the services that run on them are becoming increasingly complex. No longer is voice king, data and data driven services are important parts of the revenue pie.

InnoPath is not the only company that sees this. Handset makers and operators see it to. That is why they are all looking for ways of managing the smartphone boom and it also is why they all seem to be knocking on our door, seemingly all at the same time.

While this is good in many ways, good for the subscriber who will end up with better service. Better for the handset makers and service providers as their offerings will be better and more cost effective, it also puts us in a bit of a bind.

We need more people.


A couple of the really hot positions that we are hiring for (multiple openings) include Customer Support Engineers and Field Deployment Engineers. Expansion and progress on the customer side have created multiple career opportunities. Generally we are looking for senior/expert level pros who are intimately familiar with Sun/Solaris, Oracle, Weblogic, web/java front ends, TCP/IP networking and large system deployment and support at large telcos. Beyond just hands-on skills, we need people with solid project and communications skills - the kind of people who are comfortable and effective in front of customers.

The full list of jobs is here:

See you at the interview!

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