Friday, April 17, 2009

Android - not just for phones anymore

Jason Lackey

As announced by KDDI (Japanese), Android has a real home outside of mobile phones, in this case in a set top box by Motorola. Interestingly the au BOX was announced last year but has seemingly lost its old OS and been assimilated by Android.

This is interesting in a couple ways. One is that it should bring a decent web experience to the livingroom TV. The other is that this is one of the first major consumer facing applications for the Android OS outside the mobile world. Combined with whispers of netbooks running the OS, one can easily imagine a role for Android larger than just on phones and one can also imagine the synergies that could be found when having largely the same OS on your desktop, laptop, home theater and phone. I have to believe that those offering triple play services would probably prefer to support one OS rather than several and it might be nice to be able to use a single management platform rather than many....

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