Monday, March 23, 2009

Impact of Customer Experience on Wireless Loyalty

Dave Ginsburg

As expected, mobility is one of the more sensitive industries to impact of customer experience on loyalty/purchasing/recommendations. When deciding how to resource frontline care, and what types of process to put in place to ensure a positive ongoing customer experience, understanding the sensitivity analysis below is key to making the right decisions.

March 12 2009 -

Some overall trends:

  • Meeting needs tends to correlate the most with purchasing more
  • Being easy to work with correlates the most with purchasing more and making recommendations
  • Enjoyability correlates the most with making recommendations

Looking at the matrix of customer experience and loyalty, here are the industries with the highest level of correlation in each area:

The bottom line: It’s another wake-up call for wireless providers, TV service providers, ISPs, and banks

Feb 18 2009 -

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